Looking for local yoga classes in Carlisle, PA? Ethos Fitness Studio offers yoga classes for yogis of all levels and at several times throughout the week and weekend at our studio in Carlisle, PA.

What to expect at a yoga class?

Regardless of the yoga class you choose to attend at our studio in Carlisle, PA, you can expect to find a welcoming atmosphere and friendly yoga instructor to lead you through the poses and sequences.

Depending on the type of yoga class you attend, you’ll have slightly different experiences of the intensity, pace, and focuses in each yoga class.

To get the most out of a yoga class at any level, wear comfortable clothing and bring an open mind. We have mats, blocks, straps, and bolsters for all yoga class attendees but feel free to bring your own.

Who should attend a yoga class?

Yoga classes at Ethos are available for anyone to attend! We welcome people who have zero yoga practice experience and the advanced yogi.

If you’re looking to gain strength and flexibility, yoga classes can be a great fit for your fitness goals. You might also find yoga classes as a great fit if you are looking for an exercise class where you can focus your mind, breath, and movement. A yoga class can be just as much about your mindset as it is about your physical movements.

Class members supporting each other in tree pose.

Class members supporting each other in tree pose.

Have always wanted to try yoga. Went to Beginner’s today and wow! Love Ethos, the staff and the hands on instruction. Can’t wait for my next class!
— Tina A.

Which yoga class is right for me?

Each instructor in yoga classes at Ethos Fitness will provide cues and direction for yogis of all levels. However, we recommend starting with some classes for each experience level.

Beginner LEvel

If you’ve never attended a yoga class or have very little experience, we recommend Beginner Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga or Foundational Yoga. The pace of these yoga classes is slower than our other classes, making it easier to focus on each movement and understand yoga fundamentals. These classes provide a great place to dive into the basics of yoga and start learning how to connect your breath with your body movement.

Intermediate Level

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a few weeks or months, we recommend coming to our Moderate Yoga or Prana Beats Yoga classes. These classes offer a picked-up pace but also offer deep held stretching to close the yoga class. These yoga classes are designed to increase strength and flexibility while also giving you a boost of energy.

To switch things up and focus on restoring and relaxing poses, our Restorative Yoga and Gentle Yoga classes are perfect to slow things down for intermediate yogis.

Advanced Level

For our most intense yoga class, we encourage you to attend Power Flow or Vinyasa Yoga classes. These yoga classes move at a faster pace linking movement with breath flow. It is a great opportunity for yogis of all levels to step outside of their comfort zone where challenge creates change.

Just like yogis at the intermediate level, we also recommend Moderate Yoga and Prana Beats Yoga for a moderately intense yoga class and our Restorative Yoga and Gentle Yoga classes to switch things up and slow down the pace.

Who are the yoga class instructors?

Our yoga instructors have over 65 years of combined experience and aim to help each person reach his or her personal goals of their yoga practice journey.

Explore our yoga instructor bios to learn more about each Ethos Yoga Instructor!

When and where are yoga classes offered?

Yoga classes are offered at our fitness studio at 265 Penrose Place Carlisle, PA 17013.

We have yoga classes multiple days a week during various times. View our class schedule below to find a class and time that best suits you!