Beginner Yoga - class occurs 1st Saturday of each month

Beginner Yoga is perfect for someone brand new to yoga. It is also ideal for someone wishing to take time exploring the basics of this amazing practice. Get tuned into your body and breath with this mindful approach of really connecting to your movement.  

Foundational Yoga

This gentle yoga practice explores poses in a slower, more purposeful way with a focus on the anatomy and fundamentals of each pose. Great for beginners and all levels.

Gentle Yoga

This yoga class provides the participant with a flow that is both calming and centering and offers benefits to both new and experienced yogis. Great for beginners and all levels.

Moderate Yoga

Start your morning off right with this invigorating 50-minute yoga practice. With a moderate intensity, this class will enhance your strength, posture and flexibility while providing a great energy boost for the day. All fitness levels are welcome!

Power Flow Yoga

Like a moving meditation, this dynamic class will cultivate and strengthen presence and mindful awareness of one’s body by flowing through movement linked to breath. Combined with music to inspire and motivate, this yoga class will feature a creative and powerful set flow with a new sequence introduced each month. Step on your mat, into your own personal power and flow.

Prana Beats Yoga

This moderate class uses the flow of Prana yoga moving to the beats of energizing music with some extra, deep held stretching. All fitness levels welcome.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching with the use of props and stillness.  During the long-held postures, your muscles are allowed to relax deeply.  Suitable for almost all levels of students, Restorative Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid, dynamic, and powerful format which is very adaptable and appropriate for all levels. In this format, classic yoga poses are connected to breath and body movement in a way that will leave you feeling invigorated and empowered. Come and see what’s possible as this practice takes you and your body to a whole new level of power, peace, deep release, and fun!

Learn more about what to expect and which yoga class is best for you here!


Zumba® combines Latin and international music in dance routines featuring aerobic and fitness interval training.This class also includes a combination of fast and slow rhythms.

Zumba® Toning

Zumba® toning incorporates all the fun expected from a Zumba® class while adding light weights for full body toning. All fitness levels are welcome!

I love Zumba with Heather & Jen!
Their energy and love for Zumba is so inspiring! It really is a dance party......
the hour flies by.

Barre Fusion

This ballet-inspired, full body workout aims to lengthen, tone, and strengthen. Barre Fusion combines movements from Pilates, strength-training, yoga, and dance.This class leaves participants feeling graceful, strong, and flexible. Improve both balance and core
strength, and gain a more toned body with Barre Fusion.  Express = 45 minute class.

Body Works

Building lean tissue is key in maintaining a healthy weight and metabolism. Focusing on muscle conditioning, this class includes isolation and interval work, as well as compound movements. Encouraging participation of all fitness levels, Body Works teaches the fundamentals of weight training while strengthening cardio endurance. 

CTS: Cardio Tone and Stretch

CTS combines cardio, strength, and stretch into one calorie burning, energizing class. Using traditional techniques such as Pilates and yoga, this class provides participants with a full body workout. Segments include smooth, low-impact, and mindful movements designed to challenge length, strength and endurance. Cardio Tone and Stretch to feel lean, long, flexible, and strong.

Camp Cardio

Camp Cardio offers a variety of aerobic workouts which can include cardio kickboxing, step aerobics, bosu balance work, interval training, strength training and more. Burn mega calories, tone and sculpt muscles while conditioning and strengthening the heart.

Interval Remix

This 45-minute class will focus on interval training combining and alternating cardio segments with strength training segments for optimum calorie burn.  Formats may include circuits, tabatas, ladders, layers and more.  Get in, get out, get home in time for dinner!

Sculpt U

Sculpt U is a toning and strengthening class designed to target specific muscle groups for full body toning. Get ready to sweat and sculpt!  Great for any fitness level.