If you’re interested in incorporating ballet-inspired workouts into your exercise routine, barre classes in Carlisle, PA at Ethos is the place to go.

What to expect at a barre fusion class?

You do not need any dance training or background to be successful and have fun in a barre fusion class. Our barre instructions will walk you through each movement and guide you through the entire class to make you feel comfortable.

Barre fusion classes at Ethos focus on full-body movements to strengthen muscles all over your body through a combination of dance and yoga and even Pilates and strength-training techniques.

You can expect a 45 minute class packed full of a great workout and movements that will strengthen your body and increase flexibility.

Barre is my happy place! I love getting toned with moves that seem so simple, yet burn so much! Heather is an amazing instructor and knows how to shape you up with peaceful instrumentals in the background. This is an amazing community of women who will build you up on the inside and out!

Who should attend a barre fusion class at Ethos?

Anyone can attend a barre class at Ethos - there’s no prior experience needed to enjoy a class. We welcome experienced ballet dancers to our classes; however, if you’re looking for a high-level barre class, this class might not be the best fit.

Our barre classes can help you achieve fitness goals including balance, flexibility, and strength.


Types of Movement at a Barre Class

There are a few different movements and positions that are helpful to know before your first class.

During barre fusion, you may be asked to place your feet in specific positions: parallet, first position, wide second position. [ A bit more information here to explain how or when these positions would be used or helpful in class.]

The most common term you might be familiar with is a plié. We use this movement in class to target specific muscle groups such as thighs, abdominal muscles, ankles, and feet. With this move, your feet are in first position and your legs are straight. As your stand tall with your abs tight, you’ll rise onto the balls of your feet and bend your knees to complete the movement.

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Who are the barre class instructors?

Typically, Heather Leatherman teaches our barre classes at Ethos in Carlisle, PA. Heather is one of our co-founders and instructors at Ethos Fitness and she has been teaching classes since 2009. You can learn more about her here.

Here’s what some of our members have to say about Heather:

Ethos is a fun and inviting fitness studio! I love the Barre Classes, every possible joint and muscle is addressed! Heather is an experienced instructor. Lots of fun and encouraging remarks always inspire us and make us feel welcome and comfortable! Don’t miss out, join us and bring out your inner ballerina!!
— Linda C.
Heather’s ten years of fitness instruction experience shine in her barre class. Heather’s love of powerful and graceful movements, her fitness knowledge and appreciation of empowering music come together in Barre Fusion. The class begins with standing work using a chair for balance. This portion of the class incorporates light weights for toning. The last half of the class includes mat work and stretching. Ethos Fitness’ members consistently include Barre Fusion in their weekly workout plans. It is a staple for so many of us. We look forward to this workout. It is a very popular class among us.

When and where can I attend a barre class at Ethos Fitness?

Barre classes are open to anyone at our fitness studio at 265 Penrose Place Carlisle, PA 17013.

Current class times for barre include 9 am on Mondays and 5:15 pm on Wednesdays.